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Flex Pack Tickets

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Flex Pack Tickets for the Sioux Falls Skyforce

Do Game Day Your Way

Enjoy game day your way with a Skyforce Flex Pack! As a Flex Pack holder, you'll get the same value as Season Ticket Members with the customization of picking your games and number of seats as you go. This flexibility is perfect for the bustling family, the business owner, or the gift-giver. Pick your games and pick your group throughout the season to rock game day your way. You can contact a Skyforce representative by calling 605-332-0605 or hit the button below to get more information.

“The Pentagon is a great venue for watching a basketball game, and having an excited crowd definitely provides a great home court advantage. Skyforce season tickets are great for anyone–family nights, a night out with friends, or providing gifts to clients.”
-Darren Sommervold, Skyforce Season Ticket Member, 27 seasons

“We were just so happy to have professional basketball in Sioux Falls.  if you’re old or young, you can be an 80-year-old person or you can be a four-year-old, there’s always something to do at the games.”
-Ryan Noonan, Skyforce Season Ticket Member, 30 seasons

“ I have always loved basketball and to watch pro players in Sioux Falls is a dream come true. All the games I have attended have great memories and I will continue to create new ones this season and the seasons to come.”
-Marcus Goetz, Skyforce Season Ticket Member, 12 seasons