Donation Request

Donation Request

The Skyforce is proud to support the efforts of non-profit organizations and education programs in our community and the outstanding work they do throughout the year. Our organization makes every effort to accommodate as many donation requests as possible. 

In order to request an donation from the Skyforce, please click on the button below and complete/submit the request form. Completing the request form does NOT guarantee you will receive a donation.

Donation requests are accepted year-round. Please submit all donations requests (button below) at least 4 weeks in advance of event date. Once request is received, a member of the Skyforce staff will be in contact with you.

Please use the button below to complete/submit a donation requests.  The form must be filled out completely, including uploading a file (flier, brochure, letter etc.) pertaining to your request in order to be considered for a donation. 

Once  your request has been processed, you’ll be  notified and asked to pick up the donation at the Skyforce office during business hours (8:30-5, M-F). If you would like us to send you the donation certificate, please provide a self-addressed stamped envelope. 

Questions?  Email kyle@skyforceonline.com

Don’t Want to Fill out the Form Electronically?
Mail your requests to 2131 S. Minnesota Ave. •  Sioux Falls, SD 57105