Season Ticket Member Spotlight: Keith Loy

By Matt Dykstra | March 30, 2020

Why were you interested in purchasing a pair of season tickets this season?
I really want to support our city and team. It’s a great opportunity to spend time with people. I love the players. I’ve had the opportunity to mentor a few.


You’ve had such a great relationship with a few of our players in the past. How will being more present at our games help to strengthen that relationship this season?
The games are a huge part, it means a lot to be there for these players. It deepens the relationship.

What is your favorite Skyforce memory? Or most memorable experience?
When I think of the Skyforce, the first thing I think of Rodney McGruder and that championship. He was the first guy from the team that I really got to know. It’s always fun to run into Thunder and hang out with him, too.

Outside of the basketball, what is your favorite thing about attending a Skyforce game?

Everyone from the team to the staff is so kind. You can tell that everyone that works for the Skyforce loves what they do. It’s an enjoyable, first-class environment.

How will you most frequently use your season tickets (enjoying a night out to yourself, blessing church staff, etc.)?
I’ve already told guys in the congregation about going. I know my wife loves it, too. Talk about two or three hours, doing something you love, is priceless.

Celebrate Church has been a valuable supporter of the Skyforce in recent years. What do you find most enjoyable or valuable in continuing that partnership this season?
Everything is relational to me. The privilege we get to have in the city, to have something like the Skyforce here. I want to grow the relationship.