Season Ticket Holder Spotlight: Ryan Noonan

By Matt Dykstra | December 27, 2017

How long have you been a season ticket holder?

“My dad had tickets probably a year or two after [the Skyforce] first came to Sioux Falls…so we’ve probably had tickets since about 1991. My family has always had tickets. My brother got tickets when they first started.”

What’s your favorite Skyforce memory?

“Probably when…I think his name was [Phil] Henderson. It was a packed arena and he hit a shot against the Rapid City Thrillers to win the game. Back then, beating the Thrillers was like beating an NBA team.”

Who is your favorite Skyforce player?

“Bobby Phills. He was a great player to watch. He was so smooth.”

What’s your favorite halftime show?

“This might sound kind of corny, but I absolutely love the gal that’s on the unicycle that flips bowls onto her head [Red Panda]. I don’t know why, but every time I see that I just think about how much time and energy it took to have somebody perfect something like that. Everybody in the whole crowd just absolutely loves it.”

What keeps you coming back year after year? What do you enjoy most about our games?

“I love the community atmosphere that’s wrapped around the Skyforce. It’s the same fans year after year. Having the whole community completely embrace a team, especially one in Sioux Falls with how much we’re growing here…we still see the same faces year after year. Season after season. To me that’s the most thrilling part about coming to a game because you know you’re going to get the same energy every home game.”

How do you usually use your season tickets?

“Mostly for my business family. I own and operate a family business so I do give a lot of my tickets to people that are inside of our office here.”

Why might you tell someone else to become a Skyforce season ticket holder?

“The first thing I would say is that the entertainment, as far as if you’re old or young, you can be an 80-year-old person or you can be a four-year-old, there’s always something to do at the games. The organization, the Heineman family and so forth, have always made that the forefront as far as making it a family event. At first, back in the early days, it was a different kind of generation. We were just so happy to have professional basketball in Sioux Falls. Now we have all these other events, but what the organization has done to make it a family event, it’s the best family venue in town.”