Season Ticket Holder Spotlight: Kory Davis

By Matt Dykstra | January 23, 2018

How long have you been a season ticket holder?
“My daughter was really little. I can’t remember if we joined within the first year after she was born. We’ve probably been season ticket holders for about 13 or 14 years now.”

What’s your favorite Skyforce memory?
“You know, probably the main one is when we won the championship on our home floor here a couple of years ago. That was something that we’ll probably remember for quite some time.”

Who is your favorite Skyforce player?
“Definitely David Bailey. He was one of my favorites, and for my son, he’s a huge David Bailey fan. We got a kick out of seeing him when he came back for the [Skyforce Hall of Fame Induction] during our championship run, and all of that too. He’s probably our favorite. Stephen Graham too, when he was here. We had a lot of fun following him and we bought his jersey after he scored…I think it was the team record in points for a single game. He was another one of our favorites.”

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What’s your favorite halftime show?
“The quick change act is the one that jumps to mind right away. We’ve had them so many times now that, you know, after you see them four or five times you kind of know what’s coming but the kids always enjoy them. I’m trying to think of who the kids are that drum on the buckets, I think they’ve come in from like Chicago and places before. That’s one that the kids always like to watch as well. The dogs with the frisbees too, of course. Those are the three that always jump to mind.”

What keeps you coming back year after year? What do you enjoy most about our games?
“Quite honestly, a lot of it is the other fans you get to know. You get to meet a lot of people at the games. It’s just a fun atmosphere to be able to go and share a common bond with other people in what’s relatively a pretty small town. That part is great. Obviously Sioux Falls has built a winning program and so you always have a real good chance to be competitive. We just enjoy real, professional basketball. You’re watching a good product.”

How do you usually use your season tickets?
“Generally it’s my family. As my kids have gotten older…when we first got the tickets I think for the first two or three years we had tickets we just had two tickets. Our daughter was so little she just sat on our lap. Now she’s 14 and my son’s 11. As they’ve gotten older we’ve always gone the four of us as a family. Now as they’ve gotten older my daughter, quite frankly, has lost interest in sports. A lot of times it’ll be my son and I and one of my buddies, or somebody else. By and large we usually still go as a family. A comment I’ve gotten a lot through the years that I end up doing business with is, ‘Oh, we always enjoyed watching your family grow up and seeing you at the Skyforce games.’ So that’s probably the number one thing.”

Why might you tell someone else to become a Skyforce season ticket holder?
“To me it’s the family atmosphere. The family entertainment. You go to the games and, you know, between the game itself and the promos you guys run during timeouts, it’s a good family atmosphere and environment. You don’t have to be concerned about shielding the kids from anything throughout the entire night. That, to me, is the reason to be there. Like I mentioned before, meeting and getting to know other people as well is great too.”


For more information about Skyforce season tickets, call a ticket representative at 332-0605.