Season Ticket Holder: Claudia Behr

By Kylie Hrdlicka | March 19, 2018

How long have you been a season ticket holder?
“I would guess between eight and 10 years.”

What’s your favorite Skyforce memory?
“Our son was a ball boy for quite a while. Just the relationships that he made with some of the players…and the relationships that we’ve had with some of the staff. I consider some of the guys in the office friends. Just the relationships we’ve made with them and the people who sit around us, it’s just a nice atmosphere.”

Who is your favorite Skyforce player?
“Probably DeAndre Liggins. He’s always fun to watch. Dexter Pittman was fun to watch and he enjoyed being in Sioux Falls when he was [on assignment]. The way he treated the kids and the fans…we were able to meet him and he was a genuinely nice guy. He cared about being [in Sioux Falls] and he didn’t look at it as a punishment or a demotion. He treated it the way it was meant to be treated. Also, David Bailey. Over the years, he played when my son was really little. It was fun seeing him come and go, and seeing the relationships he had with the kids and the fans. He was such a fun player to watch. Anthony Mason was another one my son had a pretty good relationship with. He came to some of Nolan’s games. We have kind of a unique perspective with the ball boy thing. We didn’t just watch [Skyforce] games, but some of the players came and watched our son play.”


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What’s your favorite halftime show?
“The Bucket Boys. Then if I had to pick a second one it would be the Russian Bar. Where the girl jumps on the bar and does the acrobatics. It’s amazing how she can do those things.”

What keeps you coming back year after year? What do you enjoy most about our games?
“I like basketball. The players are fun to watch. Obviously we’ve had our ups and downs throughout the seasons but the guys are playing hard. Again, just the Heineman family and the rest of the staff…just the way they treat us. You know they like to be in Sioux Falls. It’s just a nice atmosphere for us to come as a couple and as a family. We like to use the ticket programs to exchange tickets and bring family and friends. It’s just kind of a nice and relaxing night out.”

How do you usually use your season tickets?
“Typically it’s my husband and I. Our son comes on and off as he’s gotten older. He plays basketball too, so it’s getting harder for him to come. We really put to good use the ticket exchange program. We have a couple of family members and we have a couple of friends that really enjoy coming to games with us. A lot of times we’ll have four, six, eight people coming and we make a night of it.”

Why might you tell someone else to become a Skyforce season ticket holder?
“I like knowing where I’m going to sit. Having my own seat. We really like the no-ticket-left-behind deal you have. That really worked well for us last season. We used to go to pretty much every game. We never missed. As our son got into high school and we had to miss a few it was nice, not only to know we could get those extra seats back but to be able to share them with extra people on a different night. Instead of it being just the two or three of us we could have a group of us going. They’ve always been really good about finding seats for us, whether they’re close to our current seats or sometimes we have to move to accommodate the group. Usually Mike does a great job at finding us extra seats real close to where our season tickets are.”



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