One-On-One: Matt Williams Jr.

By Matt Dykstra | November 22, 2017

Who was your favorite NBA player growing up?

“I would say Ray Allen. Ray Allen and Kobe Bryant. Just because of their approach to the game. They’re both great shooters. Ray Allen was more of a sharpshooter, but I just loved their approach to the game, the way they were always in the gym. Just the mental side. I try and look at more than just the basketball. I try to look at the mental side of it. Obviously those two come to mind.”

If you could spend time learning from any current or former NBA player, who would you choose?

“I would say Reggie Miller. Either Reggie Miller or Ray Allen. They’ve been through the struggle. They know what it takes to get certain places in their career and they were also shooters like me.”

Having spent time with both the Miami HEAT and Sioux Falls Skyforce already this season, what similarities do you see between the two organizations?

“It’s real similar. It’s the same plays, the same concepts. It’s pretty much just like coming here for [Miami HEAT] practice. The pre-practice routines are the same. We come in here and work out. The coaches are very attentive to us and there’s really no difference between the two.”

What have you thought about the Sanford Pentagon, and the facilities that are offered to you here as a player?

“I think it’s very nice. We always have access to the gym, and access to the weight room. We have great trainers here, and our strength coach Hunter [Glascock]. We have nutritionists that are willing to talk with you and it’s all very helpful.”

Everyone knows sharpshooting is a specialty of yours… What would you say is your next best attribute as a player?

“I would say my toughness and mental toughness are a strength of mine. Just being a shooter, there’s a lot of defenses and a lot of people that guard you differently. There’s times where you go 10 trips down the court where you don’t touch the ball. I just rely on my mental toughness to stay engaged, to keep playing defense, and to keep my mind strong.”

What have you been trying to improve upon during your time here in Sioux Falls?

“My defense. That’s been my biggest weakness, I would say. I’m really trying to improve that. Just showing my ability to play defense and just showing my ability to give my best effort, and really trying to improve on it.”

Is this your first real winter? How are you holding up?

“This is definitely my first real winter. So far it’s going okay. I feel like my blood’s starting to get adjusted a little bit to the weather. Up here it gets into the negative [temperatures] and things like that, so that’s probably when I’ll start freaking out. For now I’m doing alright though.”

What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not playing basketball?

“I would say mess around with cars. I enjoy aything with cars.”

What’s your favorite thing about Sioux Falls?

“The calmness of it. It seems like everything is real laid back here. That kind of fits well with my demeanor.”