Larry Drew II Continues Ascension in Franchise Rankings

By Matt Dykstra | January 9, 2018

Longevity and consistency. Those two things have propelled Skyforce guard Larry Drew II toward the top of numerous statistical categories in franchise history. Recently coming off of a career-high 29-point performance in which he added eight rebounds, seven assists and made a career-high eight three-pointers, Drew II continues to earn his place among the greatest players to ever don a Skyforce uniform.

Drew II just played his 117th game with the Skyforce, now having made a Sioux Falls appearance in each of the last five seasons. That’s good enough to tie him with Tony Massop for the 12th-most games played all-time. If Drew II finishes out the season, he can catapult his way up to sixth place in the record books with 142 regular season games played, sitting right behind fifth-place Henry James (145).

Check out the current franchise rankings for regular season games played:

Franchise Games Played Leaders
Rank Player Games
1 David Bailey 207
2 Monty Buckley 187
3 Randy Livingston 175
4 Victor Page 157
5 Henry James 145
6 Darryl McDonald 137
7 Cedric Hunter 135
8 Carlton McKinney 128
9 Jason Sasser 122
10 Mike Williams 120
11 Keith Benson 119
12 Tony Massop 117
T12 Larry Drew II 117


Earning yet another start in Sunday’s win over the Agua Caliente Clippers, Drew II has now started 95 games for the Skyforce throughout his career. His 95 starts are good enough for sixth all-time in franchise history, sitting closely behind some of the most notable names to have ever passed through the city of Sioux Falls.

Do you recognize anyone else in the top-five?

Franchise Games Started Leaders
Rank Player GS
1 David Bailey 160
2 Randy Livingston 142
3 Cedric Hunter 128
4 Henry James 101
5 Jason Sasser 98
6 Larry Drew II 95


With as many games as Drew II has played, the number of minutes he’s played throughout his career has naturally inched closer and closer to the top of the rankings as well. Currently having played 3,898 minutes, Drew II sits in ninth place all-time in franchise history.

Franchise Minutes Played Leaders
Rank Player Minutes
1 David Bailey 6,626
2 Randy Livingston 6,112
3 Monty Buckley 4,973
4 Cedric Hunter 4,839
5 Henry James 4,502
6 Jason Sasser 4,475
7 Victor Page 4,433
8 Ralph Lewis 4,128
9 Larry Drew II 3,898


Already known for his prolific passing ability, Drew II has proven in recent weeks that he’s a much better scorer than many give him credit for. He averages over 10.0 points per game in his career, which doesn’t necessarily jump off the page, but is nothing to joke about, either. After making eight shots from long-distance last Tuesday and following that with a few more over his last two games, Drew II ranks ninth in franchise history for most three-point field goals made (165). That’s pretty good for someone who doesn’t “look for his shot” on a regular basis.

Franchise 3-Pointers Made Leaders
Rank Player 3PM
1 Henry James 318
2 Carlton McKinney 278
3 Frank Williams 239
4 Henry Walker 231
5 Victor Page 226
6 David Bailey 219
7 David Jackson 203
8 Randy Livingston 166
9 Larry Drew II 165


Drew II has quietly been one of the most efficient three-point shooters to have ever worn a Skyforce uniform, and seems to get better from long-range with each passing season. He’s converting at a 41.4 percent clip so far in the 2017-18 season, marking the only current Skyforce player shooting above 40 percent from beyond the arc. Drew II also holds a career three-point average of 41.6 percent (165-397). That’s a good enough percentage to place him in fifth, right behind Stevin Smith (41.7 percent) and Silas Mills (41.9 percent), in franchise history.

Franchise 3-Point % Leaders
Rank Player 3P%
1 Andre Dawkins .452
2 David Jackson .436
3 Silas Mills .419
4 Stevin Smith .417
5 Larry Drew II .416


What else does he do well that you may not have noticed? He’s an extremely underrated defender. Averaging 1.3 steals per game this season, he continues to inch forward on the all-time steals list as well. Drew II now has 169 career steals, good enough for ninth all-time, and placing him just 10 steals shy of former teammate, NBA G League Champion, and two-time NBA G League Defensive Player of the Year DeAndre Liggins (179).

Check out the rest of the all-time steals rankings, and watch Drew II inch closer to the top:

Franchise Steals Leaders
Rank Player Steals
1 Darryl McDonald 349
2 Randy Livingston 326
3 David Bailey 285
4 Cedric Hunter 254
5 Leonard White 229
6 Victor Page 201
T6 Monty Buckley 201
8 DeAndre Liggins 179
9 Larry Drew II 169


Last, but far from least, comes his passing. While some captivate an audience with their scoring ability, or their high-flying athleticism, Drew II has everyone on the edge of their seat waiting to see what type of pass or assist he makes next. He sees the floor and runs the offense among the best in the league, and his career numbers back it up. Drew II now sits at 899 career assists (fourth in franchise history).

Of course, an NBA G League record 23 assists in a single game helps…

Franchise Assist Leaders
Rank Player Assists
1 Randy Livingston 1,245
2 Cedric Hunter 1,134
3 David Bailey 1,127
4 Larry Drew II 911


Drew II is just 89 assists away from becoming the fourth player in franchise history to tally 1000 career assists, and he’s got 25 games left this season to hit that mark. For perspective, Drew II has 159 assists in just 21 games played this season. Signs are pointing toward fans seeing Drew II hit yet another career milestone as we enter the back-half of the season.