Inside Man: Eric Glass Offers His Take On Life Inside NBA Bubble

By Matt Dykstra | August 18, 2020

The NBA’s bubble experiment is in full swing, and the Miami HEAT are set to face the Indiana Pacers in the first round of the 2020 NBA Playoffs at 3:00 PM CT this afternoon. Though the HEAT roster features six former Skyforce players, we went a step further and caught up with Skyforce Head Coach Eric Glass, who is currently working as a Miami assistant coach, to get a better glimpse of what bubble life has been like thus far.

“My experience leaving for Sioux Falls made this trip easy,” said Glass. “I’m a minimalist at heart, so I was able to get everything into just one suitcase. Just the necessities!”

Glass made similar preparations when he prepared to leave his Miami home for a stint in Sioux Falls, South Dakota in late October. After spending most of his time away from his family from November to March, the pandemic offered an unprecedented but welcomed chance to recharge before making the decision to enter the bubble in July.

“I just simply enjoyed being present,” Glass said of his time off with his family. “Going from zero time to 100 percent with them was a big change, but one we all welcomed. It was just nice to be part of each other’s everyday lives again.”

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We’ve seen plenty of videos from players both praising and complaining about the room setups, the food, and other living arrangements that the NBA has made for its players and team staff. For Glass, the setup is more than enough for his simplistic lifestyle off the court.

“My room is great,” said Glass. “It’s a standard double bedroom but they took one of the beds out so I have a nice open space to work with. I have a view of the lake and a king bed. What more could you ask for?”

There’s usually never a dull moment, especially now during the playoffs. However, Glass did bring a few extra things for when he gets a moment to himself.

“I brought a couple of books and a roku stick in case I have some free time,” Glass said. “Not much else.”

Glass has been filling a utility role on the HEAT’s coaching staff since joining the team in the bubble, helping the organization in whatever capacity he can. It was a role he was both prepared and excited for, and one made easier with almost a full season of head coaching experience now under his belt.

“My perspective has definitely evolved after being a Head Coach,” said Glass. “All the thoughts you have and the decisions you have to make on a daily basis, you can’t simulate that in any other role. I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity the HEAT gave me in Sioux Falls, and I’m excited to be helping in whatever capacity I can here in Orlando.”

With Miami on the doorstep of playoff action later today, there will certainly have to be a mental adjustment made by players now with more at stake. Without the energy of a home crowd to feed off of, the staff and players will have to create their own. According to Glass, the NBA has done everything possible to create a fun and entertaining atmosphere for both players and fans alike amid such unprecedented times.

“There’s definitely going to be an adjustment from playing in full arenas, but the NBA has done an amazing job with the technology aspect,” said Glass. “These games are a real production. It’s almost like an All-Star game in terms of the extra bells and whistles. What the league and the teams were able to put together in such a short amount of time is truly remarkable.”