Davon Reed Joins 500-250-150 Club Prior to G League Hiatus

By Matt Dykstra | April 13, 2020

Death. Taxes. Davon Reed.

Though he wasn’t a guy that was dominating in any one specific category, Reed was exceptional in nearly every aspect of his game before the 2019-20 NBA G League season came to a sudden halt. He proved that he could score, made evident by his multiple 25-plus-point outings and 28 double-digit performances this season. He proved that he could rebound from the wing, highlighted by his seven double-digit rebounding efforts and his 18 games with at least seven boards. He also proved to be an underrated play-maker, marked by his 12 games with at least five assists.

Reed had been a vital piece of the Skyforce puzzle throughout the entire season, and will remain as such if and when the league resumes play. He had become the definition of a stereotypical “glue guy” that had provided an ever-changing NBA G League roster with some consistency, and just before the sports world went on hiatus, he entered a statistical league of his own.

Reed, who was averaging 12.7 points, 6.6 rebounds and 3.8 assists on the year, was the only player in the G League to have tallied at least 500 points, 250 rebounds and 150 assists. He came to work, put his head down, and did whatever he was asked to do to help the team succeed.

In fact, to further emphasize what Reed was able to contribute this season, in 31 years of existence the Skyforce franchise has only seen six other players reach the 500-250-150 mark. Those players include Tony Mitchell (17-18), DeAndre Liggins (13-14), DeSean Hadley (04-05), Jason Sasser (97-98), Ken Redfield (90-91), and Ralph Lewis (89-90). Reed was able to join that club in just 40 games played so far this year.

Coach Glass and the Force had asked Reed to fit multiple roles as different personnel came and went. He’d been able to hold things down at the four position in what had been a small-ball lineup down the stretch for Sioux Falls. Reed’s ability to hold his own, frequently against bigger players, on the defensive end of the court this season was pivotal.


Reed had played the sixth-most minutes of any player in the G League this season, currently with 1,338 minutes played through 40 games (missed two games due to injury). As it turns out, the only thing that could stop Reed from playing 30+ minutes in a game was either a 20-point lead or a G League hiatus.

The Skyforce was playing its best basketball of the season prior to things being shut down (until further notice), and if the league were to resume play at some point over the summer, it’s a safe bet to assume Davon Reed will be at the center of the team’s action as Sioux Falls was in line to make the playoffs for the first time since the 2015-16 season.