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How to Access Tickets on iPhone
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How to Access Tickets on Android
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Mobile Ticketing FAQ

• Can I print my tickets from home?
Yes, there is an option to print your ticket at home and bring it along with you to the game.

• What if I do not have a smartphone?
Please contact a Skyforce representative at 605-332-0605 for assistance.

• Can I have multiple tickets on my phone?
Yes. When accessing your tickets through your account, tap on the game, and you will be able to swipe right to left through your available tickets. However, every fan needs to present a ticket to enter the Sanford Pentagon. If your party is not with you, you are able to transfer the ticket to them via your smartphone so they may enter separately.

• If I purchased my tickets from Ticketmaster, can I still access them through the Skyforce app?
Yes, you will be able to access your tickets via the Skyforce App by entering your email address and Ticketmaster password. Alternately, you can access Ticketmaster.com via your browser.

• Can I use a screenshot of the ticket to enter?
No, screenshots will not be able to be used to enter the gates.  You must have the barcode pulled up either in the Skyforce App or your phone’s wallet feature.

• How can I be prepared when entering the Pentagon?
Have your app open and tickets on your screen. This will help speed up the scanning process and ensure that everyone can enter the gates in a timely manner.  If you do not want to worry about internet connection once you have entered the venue, please add your tickets to your Apple Wallet prior to entering the Pentagon.  This will make them accessible without an internet connection or having to use cellular data.

• What if I need help on gameday or I’m having issues with my phone?
Skyforce representatives will be available to help you in the lobby of the Pentagon. Feel free to contact the Skyforce office (605-332-0605) at anytime if you need help or have any questions about  the mobile ticketing process. 


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