Season Ticket Holder Spotlight: Pat Azzara

By Matt Dykstra | June 5, 2017

How long have you been a season ticket holder?
“I’ve been a season ticket holder for the past five years, although I’ve been attending games since I was in eighth grade.”

What do you enjoy most about the Skyforce and attending our games?
“I enjoy getting out during the cold winter nights to support our local sporting events, and to cheer on the Force! I’m a huge basketball fan. [Sioux Falls] is really evolving as a sports town with the addition of the Summit League Tournament at the Sanford Premiere Center, along with the amazing Sanford Pentagon. Our growth in this area is quite remarkable!”

What is your favorite Skyforce memory?
“Looking back on memories, [in 1989] when the first season began, it was exciting that Sioux Falls was getting a minor league sports team. Our population at the time was a third of what it is now. It was a good feeling to see Sioux Falls get some recognition back then on the sports map. As we grow, people across the nation are starting to see all that we have to offer here.”

Who is your favorite past or present Skyforce player, and why?
“By far I will always hold Brett Szabo, an Augustana graduate, as my favorite Skyforce member. It was awesome to see a local guy make it, and even log some NBA minutes with the Boston Celtics.”

What do you think about the environment at the Sanford Pentagon on game nights, and why do you think the Skyforce have such a great home court advantage?
“Our home court advantage that last night of the 2016 NBA D-League Finals spoke volumes! The crowd was crazy! If you watch the other games on YouTube, the energy doesn’t appear to hold to our standards.”

Who do you attend games with, and what do consider to be beneficial about being a season ticket holder?
“I usually attend games with family and friends, and occasionally clients. I am a Christmas baby and have had a long tradition of spending that night at the Skyforce game. It is uaually one of the most memorable game nights of the year!”