Remembering the Top 10: Career Points Scored

By Matt Dykstra | August 2, 2017

There have been plenty of lights-out scorers to don a Skyforce uniform over the franchise’s first 28 seasons, but not everyone has had what it takes to stand atop the career leaderboard. Some achieved consistent success over a number of years, while others filled up the scoring column over a short period of time. The one thing each of these players have in common, is that their play was good enough to earn them a spot in the top 10 in career points scored in franchise history.

Skyforce Top 10: Career Points Scored

  1. David Bailey: 2,677 
    David Bailey represents a player who achieved massive career numbers due to consistent play over a number of years. Bailey averaged just 12.9 points per game, not necessarily a number that will jump off the page. However, 12.9 points per game averaged over Bailey’s franchise-record 207 career games played adds up quickly. Bailey was a team-first player, who helped guide the Skyforce to their second CBA Championship in 2005. Bailey was an inaugural inductee into the Skyforce Hall of Fame on Tuesday, April 26, 2016.
  1. Henry James: 2,559
    Henry James was a dynamic player who served as a key scorer and contributor on a 1995-96 Skyforce team that would go on to win the franchise’s first CBA Championship. In 145 career games, James averaged 17.6 points per game while shooting 44.3 percent from the field, 39.6 percent from long distance, and 91.0 percent from the free throw line.
  2. Victor Page: 2,478
    Victor Page came to Sioux Falls on a mission to prove he belonged in the NBA, and his level of talent supported that. Unfortunately, Page was never able to reign in his emotions and off-the-court antics long enough to give himself a legitimate shot. Page averaged 15.8 points per game his 157-game career. When his Skyforce career came to an end, he had scored the most points in franchise history, but now stands at number three on our all-time list.
  1. Jason Sasser: 2,406
    Appearing in 122 games over a three-season span, Sasser averaged 19.7 points over the course of his career. Sasser played on some highly-competitive teams, but was never able to win a championship. During the 1998-99 season, Sasser played on the same roster as Victor Page, Tony Harris, Randy Livingston, and Henry James, who all cracked this top 10 list, and still managed to average 17.5 points per game.
  2. Randy Livingston: 2,364
    Randy Livingston didn’t ever care how many points he scored each night. However, much like David Bailey, he benefited from a long and prosperous career. Livingston could fill it up with the best of them, as long as that’s what his team needed him to do. He averaged 13.5 points over his 175-game career, but more importantly, he wanted to win. We caught up with Livingston to reflect on his Skyforce career, and asked him about how it felt to have earned a spot on a few of our all-time stats lists.
    Here’s what he had to say:
    “I took the most pride in winning. There would be NBA scouts at a lot of our games, and they enjoyed watching a winning basketball team. Sometimes a guy can have great stats, but if the team loses, that doesn’t mean quite as much. My goal was always to do whatever it took for the team to win…I enjoyed making my teammates better. I knew I could score. In fact, I know I could have scored a lot more points throughout my playing career, but that was never my goal. As a point guard, I wanted to see my team come together and win games, and feeding my teammates the ball was a big part of that.” 
  1. Ralph Lewis: 2,181
    Ralph Lewis was a force to be reckoned with, and made the franchise’s first CBA All-Star appearance during Sioux Falls’ inaugural season in 1989-90. That same season, Lewis averaged 22.1 points in 55 games for the Skyforce, making the most field goals in a single season (468) in franchise history. Lewis then returned to the Skyforce during the 1991-92 season and averaged 17.2 points in 56 games (56 starts) to round out his career in Sioux Falls.


  1. Tony Harris: 2,027
    Tony Harris played in Sioux Falls for parts of three different seasons, his best being the 1994-95 season when he averaged 25.0 points per game in 26 games played. However, he jumped overseas to finish the season, and spent all of the 1995-96 season overseas, missing his chance at winning a CBA Championship with the Skyforce. He would later return for the 1996-97 season, and he picked up where he left off averaging 22.1 points in 51 games. After signing overseas yet again, Harris would eventually return in 1998 for just 13 games, averaging 19.2 points per game in his last time spent in Sioux Falls. Harris played fewer games (90) than any other player to appear on this top 10 list, the next closest player being Leonard White (100). 
  2. Keith Benson: 2,003 
    Keith Benson made his first appearance on this list just a season ago after averaging a career-high 20.5 points per game, scoring 1,024 points in 50 games played last season while shooting 60.2 percent from the field. Benson has earned an NBA G League All-Star appearance in each of the last two seasons, and was a member of the Skyforce team that won the 2016 NBA G League Championship team after a record-breaking 40-10 regular season.
  1. Leonard White: 1,874
    Leonard White was drafted 53rd overall by the Los Angeles Clippers in the 1993 NBA Draft, but was never signed and never went on to play in the NBA. Instead, he made his impact in the CBA, earning multiple CBA All-Star appearances and winning back-to-back CBA Championships in 2006 and 2007 with the Yakima Sun Kings.

    White averaged 18.7 points per game in 100 games played (89 starts) for the Skyforce from 2000-02, and then again from 2003-04. White was a member of the Skyforce team when the CBA collapsed, and the team had to transition to the IBL for the remainder of the 2000-01 season. 
  2. Cedric Hunter: 1,702
    Cedric Hunter comes in at number 10 on our all-time scoring list, but also appears in the top 10 in eight other major statistical categories in franchise history. Playing in 134 career games, Hunter averaged 12.7 points and shot 55.6 percent from the field in his career. Much like David Bailey and Randy Livingston, Hunter excelled at more than just scoring points. He comes in at second in all-time assists, and fourth in all-time steals…but we’ll get that in our next top 10 list.