Q&A: Bubu Palo’s First Summer League Experience

By Matt Dykstra | July 5, 2017

Describe how your experience has been so far with the Indiana Pacers.

“It’s good to get out here and just watch and see the competition and the high-levelness. It’s good to even be a part of it. It’s really exciting and a good learning experience…a good learning curve. It’s a building block and something I’m just trying to make the most of.”

Have you been able to get into the flow of things despite receiving limited minutes?

“It was a little tough. It was nice to get my feet wet a little bit and get the adrenaline out. It would be a little more helpful to get a couple more minutes just to get my feet under myself a little bit more, but it was nice to get out there and get some of those jitters out of the way and just experience some of that. So that was a good experience as well.”

What has it been like, in your first summer league experience, to be playing with your former teammate Jarnell [Stokes] and are you able to carry that connection over with you in practice and in games?

“We just have a natural, built-in chemistry with being able to play with each other. There’s just a familiarity. Just knowing where he kind of likes the ball, and just being able to efficiently communicate. So that’s been something that’s been really helpful going into this. To have someone you know you can lean on, to be there for you, and kind of help you out as well. So that’s something that I’ve been excited about.”

What have been your goals throughout summer league, and what skill sets are you trying to demonstrate most to teams who are here scouting?

“The thing that I really want to do most is to show that I can really run a team. Through my time in Sioux Falls we’ve had some great guards, and I’ve been kind of playing off the ball, so I’ve kind of been playing [shooting guard]. Through this experience I’ve been trying to just show that I can run and lead the team. Be the lead guard. Run the show. So I’m just trying to display leadership qualities and lead the team.”